USRSA Certification Program


The USRSA's original stringer Certification program was initiated in 1986 to recognize individuals with a basic level of stringing competence. Today's Master Racquet Technician (MRT) program recognizes and rewards racquet sports retailing and service professionals who demonstrate superior technical competence and product knowledge in racquet sports.

The racquet sports industry has lined up solidly behind the MRT program. Babolat, Dunlop, Ektelon, Head, Prince, Wilson, and Yonex all support this leading-edge program and its on-going consumer education drive. In fact, the USRSA and industry sponsors will support MRTs' competence and expertise by actively encouraging players to seek out shops or clubs with MRTs for racquet sales and service.

Racquet technicians who pass all portions of the certification exam will receive a "Master Racquet Technician" certificate. It is the intention of the USRSA that this certificate be considered by:

  • Consumers, when selecting a racquet technician
  • Employers, when hiring a new racquet technician

Certification by the USRSA, whether as a Master Racquet Technician, or as a Certified Stringer for home-based businesses, involves a comprehensive written test and a detailed practical test. Both measure your understanding and skills with respect to all facets of racquet service — installing grommets and string, regripping, handle sizing and customizing weight and balance. Additionally, to attain MRT status, you'll be required to demonstrate understanding of current frame and string technologies and how those technologies translate to player satisfaction.

The USRSA Certification Program will:

  • Set a standard of excellence in racquet service and product knowledge
  • Encourage and promote professionalism in the racquet sports industry
  • Instill consumer confidence in racquet stringers and technicians
  • Expand the availability of expert racquet stringers and technicians
  • Endorse the competence of qualified racquet stringers and technicians

For more information:

If you have any questions, e-mail us or phone Certification Testing at 760-536-1177 extension 13.