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Digest Search
Instant access to the most complete listing of racquets the USRSA has ever published. If we've ever had the pattern, it will be included in this information, even if it is an obscure pattern that has been eliminated from our printed materials.
The Morphinator
"Morph" your racquet to be as much as possible like another racquet.
Power Rankings by Stringbed Location
Calculate the speed of your shot from anywhere on the stringbed.
Product Finder
Looking for a racquet-sports-related product? Chances are you'll find it here.
Racquet Customizer
Customize your current racquet by changing the weight, balance, and swingweight.
Racquet Optimizer
An interactive tool that instantly shows changes in weight, swingweight, and balance as you electronically modify your racquet.
Racquet Selection Map
“Map” your current racquet to visualize your choices in a new racquet.
Racquet Selector
Match your current racquet with other, similar racquets, or tell us what you'd like in a new racquet.
Racquet Spec Search
Search our entire database of tennis racquet specifications.
Racquet/Stringbed Power Profile
Map of the Bounce Speed Ratio that determines everything.
String Selection Map
Visual representations of almost 800 currently-available strings, with a sortable database showing gauge, stiffness, and tension loss. Includes complete explanatory materials and usage guide.
String Selector
Match your current string with other, similar strings, or tell us what you'd like in a new string.
String Specifications
Search our database of tennis string lab test results, or check our listings of racquetball, squash, and hybrid strings.
String Colors and Lengths
Search our database of tennis strings to find the color of string you want, or lengths when you need something out of the ordinary.
Stringing Machines
We have manuals for many of the common stringing machines on the market, along with calibration information and select videos. There are also complete breakdowns of stringing machine components, along with an in-depth feature guide for stringing machines past and present.


Balance converter
Convert racquet balance expressed in points, to a measurement expressed in inches and centimeters from the butt cap to the balance point.
Center of Percussion (COP) calculator
Calculate the location of the "sweet spot" on your racquet face.
Constant-pull to Lockout converter
This tool allows shops that have a lockout stringing machine to approximate the stringbed tension of a constant-pull machine.
Ideal Racquet Mass Estimator
Estimate the weight of your "ideal" racquet based on your body mass. Based on an article by Rod Cross.
Lockout to Constant-pull converter
This tool is for shops that have a constant-pull stringing machine, and customers who are used to having their racquets restrung on a lockout machine.
Mass Converter
Convert ounces to grams (and vice versa).
Parallel Axis Converter
Calculate how the swingweight of your racquet changes as you translate the axis of rotation up and down the handle.
Pounds to Kilograms converter
Calculate tensions in pounds if you have only kilograms, and vice versa, for setting the reference tension on your stringing machine.
Proportional Stringing calculator
Precisely calculate the tension for each main and cross string for proportional (differential) stringing of any racquet.
Racquet Comfort Estimator
There are many reasons why certain racquets may create sensitivity in your wrist, elbow, or shoulder. This simple estimator looks at three racquet characteristics, and gives you a number you can use in comparing racquets to get a rough idea of how easy any given racquet will be on your arm.
Racquet Mass Mover
What happens if you already have added lead tape to your frame, but it doesn't match another frame? You can take off all the existing lead tape, and use our tools to add it back on, or you can use this new tool to see how much you need to move the old tape to achieve your desired results. A real multipurpose tool.
Racquet Power Calculator
Calculate the power of your racquet based on known physical characteristics. Good for comparison shopping.
Swing weight Calculators
Accurately calculate swing weight, twist weight, and recoil weight without a $4,000+ Babolat RDC machine -- all you need is a couple of pencils, a stopwatch, and this tool. You can even calculate both swing weight at various grip locations, and hitting weight, which you can't do on an RDC machine. You can also estimate twist weight, to get yourself in the ballpark without having to run through the full measurement process. Finally our parallel axis swing weight translator allows you to convert a known swing weight to any other pivot point you need.
Tension Estimator
Calculate a remarkably accurate tension estimate for any unknown frame.