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Tools and information to help you get the right equipment for the right reasons for the right person (you). RacquetTECH.com offers awareness, understanding and skills. These translate to fun and performance.

Racquet Selection Online-Software: Can you keep track of all the possible combinations of weight, balance, swingweight, length, flex, price, headsize and power of over 400 racquets and how each racquet compares to every other and how all of that compares to your desires of what you want from a racquet? This tool can. It is the only comprehensive, objective and accurate method for choosing a racquet available. Without this tool, choosing a racquet is like throwing blind at a dart board.

String Selection Online-Software: Having a space-age racquet does no good if you make a dinosaur-brain choice of strings. Strings are the most important part of the racquet, but there has never been a way to compare strings, let alone make intelligent decisions about them based on thorough knowledge of all the properties of each string. The String Selector does for strings what the Racquet Selector does for racquets. It compares every string’s material, diameter, stiffness, and tension loss with every other string and compares the results to your performance desires. It then recommends strings that meet your criteria.

Racquet Customization Online-Software: Almost every racquet can and should be customized for individual performance optimization. Customization involves adding specific amounts of weight (lead tape) to specfic locations anywhere along the entire length of the racquet in order to change a racquet's weight, balance, swingweight, sweetspot, power, and shock absorption. The Customizer calculates the effect upon each of the these performance properties of adding any amount of weight to any of three simultaneous locations along the racquet. This is rocket science, and that is why, in the past, you have been stuck with whatever racquet you picked off the shelf.

Technology Articles: Can you say, "Co-polymer matrix, " or "Graphite-titanium matrix," or "Piezoelectricity"? If so, can you explain them or understand them? Do you know what all the adverizing gobblygook really means? Do you know what each racquet and string manufacturer is selling as a technology, how it works, why it works, and if it works? Our technical staff of experts, engineers, and scientists explain it for you. No where else can you get the story behind the story.

How-To Articles: Equipment stringing, customizing, marketing, servicing, selling, and promoting are all discussed in our Tips and Techniques articles library.

Racquet Technician Locater: Selecting the right racquet and string and customizing the racquet can all become a fruitless enterprise if the strings are not installed properly. For those who "don't try this at home," the Find A Stringer tool locates a technician trained to install the strings at the proper tension and with the proper technique to maximize performance.

String Pattern Digest and Encyclopedia: Every technician/stringer/do-it-yourselfer needs to know what and how to do it. The On-line Stringer’s Digest searches and finds the correct pattern for your racquet from the over 6,000 racquets in its database.

Stringing Machine Selector: Whether you're stringing 4,000 racquets a year, or just one, you want to do it on the best machine for your needs. The reviews, data, and Machine Selector software make this decision a painless and informative process.

Product Finder: Can't find a product, part or service? Product Finder will find it for you.

Up-to-date Product Introductions: What's coming? What's new and exciting? Find out here first.

Equipment Testing, Reviews, and Playtests: So you know what’s coming. Find out here.

MORE: There’s more planned, and we are adding stuff all the time.

The Stringer’s Digest

Published twice annually, the Stringer’s Digest is the most comprehensive technical reference in the racquet industry. It’s an essential tool for anyone in this business.

The Spring/Summer volume is published in May each year and the Fall/Winter volume is published in October. Each volume includes all the stringing instructions and data necessary for retailers and stringers to buy, recommend, and service racquets and strings.

The Racquet Patterns chapters include detailed instructions for virtually every racquet a stringer will ever see. This includes thousands of listings for Tennis, Racquetball, Squash, and Badminton.

The Racquet Service Techniques chapter is a complete step-by-step guide to stringing, servicing, and customizing racquets. The chapter also includes certification study materials.

The Company Locator chapter is the “Yellow Pages” of the racquet sports industry and contains all contact information organized both by-products and alphabetically.

Racquet Sports Industry magazine

Our monthly technical magazine is filled with the latest stringing news and industry information you won’t find anywhere else. Monthly issues include:

  • One or more feature articles on racquet sports technology
  • Product Introductions
  • Racquet Service Reviews
  • String or Grip Playtest
  • Service and Marketing Tips and Techniques
  • Industry Of Interest
  • Classifieds
  • Events
  • Certification news

Special Discounts and Samples

Free sample products and exclusive discount offers from more than a dozen leading manufacturers and suppliers. You can also participate in product testing and new product development — and gain a valuable edge on your competition.

Marketing Tools

A complimentary membership certificate, member card, and window decal show customers your commitment to excellence. Racquet labels and racquet claim checks are all available at low membership prices.


USRSA professionals are available to answer your questions about racquet service, stringing machines, purchasing, manufacturers/suppliers, and more.

Professional Certification

Become a Master Racquet Technician (MRT) or Certified Stringer through USRSA's unique professional development program. These programs are recognized industry-wide and are backed by some of the biggest names in the game.

Private Instructor Stringing Lessons

Take a lesson from one of our MRT instructors or become an instructor yourself and earn $$.