Balance Customization

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This tool makes it easy to change the balance of your racquet. As you change the amount of added weight, or the distance of that added weight from the butt, the balance changes. Note that if you add weight at the balance point of your racquet, the balance will not change, even though the weight does.

What is balance point?

It is the racquet's center of gravity -- that point where the racquet will balance like a seesaw on a sharp edge. It is not, as is sometimes believed, the point where half the weight is on each side of the balance point. Instead, it is the average of the sum of all the weights of each little atom of the racquet times its distance from the handle end of the racquet. So it is an average of the weight distribution.

Why change the balance?

Players generally like the feel of head-light, head-heavy, or even-balanced racquets. In general, advanced players prefer head-light or even-balanced racquets and recreational players prefer head heavy racquets. The reason is that racquet power is associated with the location of the mass of the racquet. Advanced players prefer to generate power with their stroke, whereas recreational players need the assistance of the racquet for power generation. Changing the balance will change the feel, weight, swingweight, and power of the racquet.

Often, players who own more than one racquet will also ask to have the two racquets matched in weight and balance. This is usually a trial and error procedure unless you have access to tools like Balance Calculator here and others on this website.

How do you change the balance?

Adding lead tape above the existing balance will raise the balance point, adding weight below will lower it, and adding weight at the existing point will keep it the same. In all cases, the weight and swingweight will also increase as a result.

Using the Balance Calculator

The goal is to change the existing weight and balance of a racquet to a different weight and balance. Drag the top two sliders to the weight and balance of your current racquet. This is your starting point for balance customization.

To change the weight and balance of this racquet to a desired alternative, use the bottom two sliders to add lead tape to specific locations on the racquet. As you drag either slider, the new weight and balance will be displayed in the red box at the bottom of the screen. The most important lesson from this is that a little bit of weight added a greater distance from the current balance can have the same effect as a larger amount of weight added at a smaller distance from the current balance point.

The range of balances for off-the-shelf racquets is from 30-40 cm.