Combined Weight, Balance, and Swingweight Customizer

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The Combined Calculator allows you to see simultaneously the effects on balance and swingweight as you add weight to various locations.

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Swingweight is the most important parameter to customize because it has the most influence on how the racquet feels and plays most of the time -- i.e., when you are swinging and hitting the ball. But good players want all their racquets to feel the same at all times -- holding it still vertically, holding it still horizontally, swinging in a straight line, or swinging it in a circle about some axis. Holding the racquet by the handle with the head pointing to the ground, all you feel is the weight. If you hold the racquet horizontal to the ground, you feel the "pickup weight," which is defined as the weight times the balance point. If you swing in a short straight line as in a punch volley, you are primarily pushing a weight, not rotating it around in a swing, so you feel its weight and balance. When you swing in a full stroke, you are rotating the racquet around an axis (at your wrist, elbow, or shoulder) and what you feel is swingweight.

Using this calculator, you can determine where and how much weight to add in order to match two or more racquets in weight, balance, and swingweight. This is the ultimate equipment service that a coach or racquet technician can provide for a player

Using the Combined Calculator

The goal is to change the existing weight, balance, and swingweight of a racquet to a different weight, balance, and swingweight. Drag the top two sliders to the specs of your current racquet. This is your starting point for customization. For off-the-shelf racquets, the following ranges for these parameters are typical: weight 230-350 gm; balance 30-40 cm; swingweight 275-350 kg·cm².

To change the weight, balance and swingweight of this racquet to a desired alternative, use the bottom two sliders to add lead tape to specific locations on the racquet. As you drag either slider, the specs will be displayed in the red box at the bottom of the screen.

Note: More advanced on-line customization tools are available for USRSA members.