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The Stringer’s Assistant — May 1975 to December 1998

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The The Stringer’s Assistant was USRSA’s first publication, starting publication in 1975. Selected articles from back issues of The Stringer’s Assistant are now on-line, and we are working to make even more of them available. Each month will have a separate table of contents, complete with an image of the cover.

Racquet Tech magazine — January 1999 to January 2004

As racquet, string, and stringing machine technologies improved, racquet stringing became more sophisticated. So did we. Hence the change to Racquet Tech magazine, with better paper, better graphics, and more information per magazine.

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Racquet Sports Industry magazine — February 2004 to the present

Our merger with Tennis Industry magazine means that in addition to all the technical articles for which we've been known, we're also publishing more articles about the other aspects of running a tennis facility and pro shop. We're now the best single source for industry information for racquet sports professionals.

Tennis Industry magazine — January 2014 to November/December 2019

Racquet Sports Industry magazine — January 2014 to the present