Our new magazine — Racquet Sports Industry

RSI magazine

Our new magazine, which we’re calling Racquet Sports Industry (RSI), comes about as a merger between two industry stalwarts: Tennis Industry magazine and the U.S. Racquet Stringers Association’s Racquet Tech magazine.

As its frequent readers know, Racquet Tech’s forte is the technology of tennis, whereas Racquet Sports Industry deals with the tennis business. Obviously the two are related, yet up until now, neither magazine was in a position to adequately deal with the other’s focus.

Think about it: If your concentration is on the technology of tennis, as Racquet Tech’s has been since its inception in 1975, you darned well better have a strong understanding of racquet service techniques and applied science. Conversely, if you’re going to write about building a successful club or retail operation, as Tennis Industry has done since it first opened its doors over 30 years ago, there’s simply no substitute for understanding the business of tennis. But if you’re going to survive and succeed in today’s economy, it’s imperative that you become solidly grounded in both the business and the technology of tennis.

There’s an old Cuban proverb that states, “One hand washes the other, and together they wash the face.” In short, it may have taken TI and Racquet Tech nearly 30 years to get together, but the new RSI will cover a broader range of topics — and more completely — than either magazine did separately. And we’ll be doing it 10 times a year, with more pages than ever before.

We thank all of the knowledgeable writers that have kept readers at both Racquet Tech and Tennis Industry magazines informed about this business, and who will continue to lend their expertise in the new RSI.

We’ve combined our strengths to produce a new magazine unlike any other in the world of tennis. We’re sure this marriage will not only better serve the industry as a whole, but will also better serve you and your business.


David Bone and Jeff Williams, Co-publishers

Peter Francesconi, Editorial Director