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What information is least available yet craved most by tennis players? — (1) authoritative explanations of racquet and string performance, and (2) tennis specific instructions for injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Until now, there have been no comprehensive sources to turn to for definitive, expert advice on these topics. Two books from Racquet Tech Publishing (an imprint of the USRSA) fill this informational vacuum. Both The Physics and Technology of Tennis and From Breakpoint to Advantage: A Practical Guide to Optimal Tennis Health and Performance are know-it-all masterworks, each encompassing over 400, 8.5-by-1l-inch pages of expert information.

The authors of both books have gone to gargantuan lengths to present the material in understandable but uncompromising detail to satisfy even those with the most insatiable curiosities. Readers can dive to whatever depth of explanation they want or need. Even if you are just snorkeling for answers, you will surface bedazzled by what you find. And if great depth of knowledge is your goal, rest assured, these books are deep.

The authors of The Physics and Technology of Tennis, Dr. Howard Brody, Dr. Rod Cross, and Crawford Lindsey, divide the book into four parts: racquets, strokes, strings, and balls, and courts. Topics include choosing racquets and strings, technologies, materials, weight, balance, swingweight, twistweight, hittingweight, stability, vibration, shock, sweetspots, feel, spin, power, string tension and gauges, ball bounce and flight, strokes and strategy, and more.

From Breakpoint to Advantage authors, Babette Pluim, Ph.d., M.D., and Marc Safran, M.D., give an overview of biomechanics, physiology, and choosing racquets, strings, shoes, balls, and playing surfaces; delve into injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation; detail all possible tennis injuries, ailments, and conditions and what to do about them; survey special issues like heat stress, nutrition, doping, overtraining, and traveling; discuss special tennis groups such as juniors, vets, women, and wheelchair players; describe how facilities can manage and deliver tennis medicine programs; and conclude with a tennis strength training program.

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Offer expires January 5, 2005.

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From Breakpoint to Advantage The Physics and Technology of Tennis
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