The Physics and Technology of Tennis

By Howard Brody, Rod Cross & Crawford Lindsey


Page 42
In the Notes section dealing with the parallel axis theorem, “cm” does not refer to “centimeters,” but rather to the “center of mass.” Also, the distances mentioned in this paragraph are all expected to be in centimeters, and the masses are all expected to be in kilograms.
Page 54
Equation 6.2 is technically correct, but there is a clearer way of expressing this. For the COP equation:
x = Icm/(Mb)
  • x = the distance in centimeters from the COP to the axis of rotation. Add 3.94 inches (10 cm) to this number to obtain the distance from the COP to the butt-end of the racquet.
  • Icm = the swing weight as measured by a Babolat RDC machine, expressed in kg·cm².
  • M = the mass of the racquet in kilograms, and
  • b = the distance in centimeters from the axis of rotation to the center of mass (balance point).
Page 431
The index entry for the Parallel axis theorem should show that it is discussed on pages 38, 42, and 45.
Page 434
The index entry for Stop watch is shown out of order; it should appear on page 433.
Page 435
The index entry for Topspin should show that it also is defined on page 402 of the Glossary section.
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