Technical Tennis: Racquets, Strings, Balls, Courts, Spin, and Bounce

By Rod Cross and Crawford Lindsey

Helping Tennis Players in Their Quest for the Perfect Racquet

What is the single most important variable in racquet performance? What kind of racquet, strings, and swing produce the most power? How do you create maximum spin? Where on your racquet should you hit the ball? What racquet and string features combine for the most control, comfort, and feel? How do you affect the bounce, speed, spin, and trajectory of the ball to your advantage? This book answers these and other elusive equipment and performance-related questions that have perennially plagued hackers and experts alike. This informative primer will help turn hours of mindless practice into a focused application of principles affecting the impact, bounce, and flight of the ball.

Rod Cross and Crawford Lindsey are coauthors of The Physics and Technology of Tennis, which was a Scientific American Book Club selection. Rod Cross is an associate professor at the University of Sydney, Australia, and is one of the world's most prolific researchers in the field of tennis physics. Crawford Lindsey is the editor-in-chief of Racquet Sports Industry magazine and has written extensively on the technology and science of tennis.

"From choosing a racquet to understanding the role of strings on the flight and bounce of the ball, Technical Tennis provides valuable information for the coach and player alike. If you want to enhance your game, this book should be at the top of your list."

Stuart Miller, Technical Manager, International Tennis Federation (ITF)

"This book provides a wonderful overview of everything related to the technical aspects of tennis. It is very practical and written in a clear and concise manner to help players of all levels. Before, buying a racquet or running off to the courts, make sure to read this book!"

E. Paul Roetert, Ph.D., Managing Director, USTA Player Development
Book Specifications
Chapters 4
Parts 1
Pages 152
Cover Paperback
Size 6 × 9
ISBN 0-9722759-3-2