The Winner’s Mind: A Competitor’s Guide to Sports and Business Success

By Allen Fox, Ph.D.

What people are saying

I have a hard time sleeping. Any time I take a day off it’s almost like a guilt thing: I could have shot some free throws, had an ice bath, just something to make myself better. So that night, I’m going over it in my head and I’m looking at the clock, it’s like 2, 3 in the morning. I start reading. I recently read The Winner’s Mind, by Allen Fox, on my iPad. It calmed me because it put me in a place where I had the satisfaction that I’m working towards my goal. And then I could go on to the next day.

Tyson Chandler, NY Knicks center

Allen Fox’s simple yet profound insights into the competitive process will be incredibly helpful to anyone who competes at anything. I have known Allen since the 1960s, and he is an interesting and amusing character. It all comes out in his book.

Billie Jean King, Hall of Fame tennis great

I have know Allen Fox for 40 years and watched him play at Wimbledon and in the Pacific Southwest in Los Angeles. He was a ferocious competitor and managed to beat players with far greater physical ability. He has a brilliant scientist’s mind and his book captures the essence of how to win at anything.

Jack Kramer, Hall of Fame tennis great

In this important new book, Allen Fox brilliantly explores the many faces of competition and achievement. I recommend it to anyone who wants to reach consistent success and become a true ‘champion’ in business — one with enlightenment, discipline, and persistence.

Alex Hiam, bestselling author, The Vest Pocket CEO and Marketing For Dummies

Allen Fox’s book is entertaining and enlightening at the same time. It illustrates simple principles for success with fascinating stories about athletes, business people, and famous historical figures. It’s a fun read, and I couldn’t put it down.

Vic Braden, author, tennis professional, TV commentor

I have been working with athletes and people from all walks of life for the past 45 years, and I have yet to encounter anyone else with a mind like Allen Fox’s. His book takes advantage of his wealth of knowledge in sports, psychology, business, and as a student of history. He is also funny. Allen puts it all together in an amusing, interesting, and quite different look at the workings of the winner’s mind.

Dennis Van Der Meer, founder Professional Tennis Registry (PTR)

Allen Fox draws on his wide range of personal experiences as a business man, tennis player, coach, and psychologist to provide great practical information to help us become ‘champions in the game of life.’

Paul Roetert, Managing Director USTA Performance Tennis
Book Specifications
Chapters 16
Parts 2
Pages 200
Cover Paperback
Size 6 × 9
ISBN 0-9722759-2-4