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From Breakpoint to Advantage ISBN 0972275916, 0-9722759-1-6
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Authors, Babette Pluim, Ph.D., M.D., and Marc Safran, M.D., give an overview of biomechanics, physiology, and choosing racquets, strings, shoes, balls, and playing surfaces; delve into injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation; detail all possible tennis injuries, ailments, and conditions and what to do about them; survey special issues like heat stress, nutrition, doping, overtraining, and traveling; discuss special tennis groups such as juniors, vets, women, and wheelchair players; describe how facilities can manage and deliver tennis medicine programs; and conclude with a tennis strength training program.

The Physics and Technology of Tennis ISBN 0972275908, 0-9722759-0-8
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Dr. Howard Brody, Dr. Rod Cross, and Crawford Lindsey, divide the book into four parts: racquets, strokes, strings, and balls, and courts. Topics include choosing racquets and strings, technologies, materials, weight, balance, swingweight, twistweight, hittingweight, stability, vibration, shock, sweetspots, feel, spin, power, string tension and gauges, ball bounce and flight, strokes and strategy, and more.

The Winner's Mind ISBN 0972275924, 0-9722759-2-4
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Acknowledging the conventional wisdom that "winning isn't everything," this guide takes the position that winning is still eminently preferable to losing and lays out a step-by-step plan for succeeding at any of life's endeavors. In addition to sharing his experiences as a world-class tennis player and successful businessman, Allen Fox unveils the success strategies of champions and reveals how anyone can use them to tilt the odds in his favor on and off the playing fields. In an amusing, take-no-prisoners tone, Fox lays out the common mental characteristics of winners, such as their urges for control, their reactions to failure, and the role of intellect over emotion, as well as obstacles to victory such as the insidious and pervasive fear of failure and the unconscious struggle between ambition and fear.