Fit to Play Tennis: High Performance Training Tips

Second Edition

By Carl Petersen and Nina Nittinger

This physical and mental training manual arms athletes, coaches, parents, and sports scientists with a bullet-point guide to designing high performance training programs that work. Learn how to enhance performance, limit injuries, and avoid overtraining and burnout by following the practical tips and techniques outlined in the six S's of training:

  • Structured training and practice
  • Structured yearly planning and periodization
  • Structured environment
  • Structured mental training
  • Structured physical and medical assessments
  • Structured recovery and injury prevention

This illustrated guide to intelligent, effective tennis development integrates all the factors influencing tennis performance into year-round programs to keep athletes playing at the top of their game.

Carl Petersen and Nina Nittinger

Carl Petersen is director of high performance training at City Sports and Physiotherapy Clinics in Vancouver, Canada. He is a physiotherapist and fitness coach for players on the WTA Tour and ITF Tour and is a former director of sport medicine and science for the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, traveling on the World Cup circuit from 1984 to 2003. Nina Nittinger is a former professional tennis player, a certified tennis coach for the German and Swiss Tennis Federation, and a mental trainer for professional athletes. She is coauthor of Mental Tennis Training.

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Book Specifications
Chapters 31
Parts 6
Pages 408
Cover Paperback
Size 6 × 9
ISBN 0-9722759-5-9